Telkomsat and Starlink Forge New Partnership to Enhance Enterprise Services in Indonesia
Telkomsat and Starlink officially signed a strategic partnership agreement aimed at strengthening enterprise services across various regions in Indonesia.

On May 15, 2024, Telkomsat and Starlink officially signed a strategic partnership agreement aimed at strengthening enterprise services across various regions in Indonesia. The signing of the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) was conducted by Telkomsat CEO Lukman Hakim Abd. Rauf, and VP Starlink Commercial Sales.

Telkomsat dan Starlink

Lukman Hakim Abd. Rauf, Telkomsat CEO, expressed that this partnership will further solidify Telkomsat's position as Starlink's primary strategic partner in Indonesia. "Since 2021, Telkomsat has been collaborating with Starlink and began deploying Starlink backhaul services in 2022, utilizing the landing rights granted by the government. This backhaul infrastructure is capable of delivering high-quality satellite connectivity services while ensuring national data sovereignty and security," he said.

Lukman Hakim Abd. Rauf

Ahmad Reza, SVP Corporate and Communication Telkom, also stated that the collaboration between TelkomGroup, particularly Telkomsat, and Starlink reflects a strong commitment to supporting the government's program to accelerate connectivity equality across Indonesia, especially in the 3T regions (Frontier, Outermost, and Disadvantaged areas).

In addition to Starlink services, Telkomsat recently launched and operated the Merah Putih 2 Satellite earlier this year. This initiative demonstrates Telkomsat's dedication to increasing service capacity and providing connectivity in unserved areas as well as areas with insufficient connectivity (underserved).

Telkomsat & Starlink

This partnership is expected to bring significant changes to connectivity services in Indonesia. Through this collaboration, Telkomsat and Starlink are committed to providing the best solutions for business needs and equitable internet access across the nation.

This collaboration allows Telkomsat to offer competitive Starlink-based business services, comparable to the business packages available on the Starlink website. This will undoubtedly make it easier for companies in Indonesia to obtain high-quality and reliable internet services.

About Telkomsat

Telkomsat is a leading satellite service provider in Indonesia, continually innovating to provide the best connectivity solutions for various industry sectors. With advanced technology and reliable infrastructure, Telkomsat is committed to being the backbone of digital connectivity in Indonesia.

About Starlink

Starlink is a satellite constellation project developed by SpaceX, aiming to provide global high-speed, low-latency broadband internet services. With its expanding satellite network, Starlink strives to deliver internet connectivity to areas that are difficult to reach by terrestrial infrastructure.

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Telkomsat & Starlink