A Simple ERP Implementation to Bring Your Business Up to Speed! 

Your business system will immediately integration to a modern digital business system with Artificial Intelligence Cloud-Based technology that will facilitate all business processes.

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Simple Step Implementation Workflow

PT Panemu Solusi Industri is an Official Odoo Partner that always ready to help
to implement Odoo ERP system that fit your company needs. 

 Why ERP Implementor


Lack of Expertise

ERP implementations require technical expertise and business understanding, which may be lacking in internal teams.

Potential Project Failure

Without implementor guidance, the risk of ERP implementation project failure increases due to technical and operational complexities.

Time & Resources

The implementation process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive without expert guidance from an implementor.

Suitability to Needs

Implementors help ensure the ERP solution fits the company's unique needs, optimizing the value of the investment.

User Training

Implementors provide customized training for staff, ensuring optimal use of the ERP system and avoiding operational inconveniences.

Long-Term Support

Implementors like Panemu provide ongoing support, helping companies overcome challenges that arise post-implementation.

 Why Panemu?

We're Trusted Odoo Partner in Indonesia

As an authorized Odoo partner, we stand out with our dedication, experience, and team of experts. With customized ERP solutions, we improve business efficiency, add value, and ensure a competitive advantage for your business.

Odoo ERP for Big Company

Infrastructure, Big Data and Data Security

Odoo will be full implemented. Both from software, hardware and also supported by strong security.

Business Process and Industries Expertise

Our consultant that experienced with various industries is the key to implement ERP for your company successfuly.

Project Management & Powerful Team

Large implementation need expert and dedicated team who will help you to get optimized implementation and also help you to migrate the management.


Odoo ERP for SMEs

Affordable System

Affordable cost will be a best solution for SMEs. ERP is not only for a big company anymore.

Workflow Standardization 

Implementing an ERP system is implementing a standardized workflow, not just migrating your business to the digital software.

Full Control of Your Business

Odoo help you to control all your business workflow. Ensure your business have standard system with your business quick growth.



Odoo ERP for Start Up

Easy to Use

Odoo choosen by start up business because easy to use, quick and have complete modules.

Quick Implementation

Odoo implementation only takes a few days. Your time will not be wasted on the implementation process, we will help.

Low Cost

Odoo have complete features and Panemu will help you to identify the best features for your business.


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