Spares Cataloguing System is a software tool which designed specifically to help an organization in managing their asset information data at components level. The components are usually MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) items. The system was developed in structured way; step by step workflow to ensure the output of Material Descriptions is cleaned, complete information, and the most important is no duplicate. The system also can be customized to help organization with their existing rules or any specific business processes that are required by the organization. 

Many industrial and process organizations have multiple plants and tens of thousands of MRO parts. SCS Solutions’ have enabled our customers to realize significant savings by optimizing their MRO data



Eliminating Excess Inventory

Provides the benefit of enhancing business efficiency by reducing storage costs and minimizing losses.

Lowering Procurement Cost

Reduces procurement costs by managing inventory accurately and avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Improving Plant and Equipment Throughput

Ensuring timely access to supplies, minimizing equipment downtime, and maximizing efficiency.

Increase Employee Productivity

Helps employees work more efficiently and produce high-quality results, improved performance and increased profitability.

Realizing Maximum ERP / EAM Benefits

Optimizing, streamlining workflows, improving data management, and increasing operational efficiency.

Professional Supply Cataloguer Team Support

Get full support from Panemu Team to managing your supply cataloguing system based on your company system.


On Demand Customization

This software can be customized as per your specific requirements.

Multi-user and Role

Flexibility design allow you to maintain users with particular access right and roles.

Structured Workflow

The system was developed in structured ways step by step workflow to ensure the desired material descriptions output with no duplication.

Multi Projects

Handle multiple projects with easy and fast control.

Various Workflow

We have been providing the SCS with quite a lot of Item Name Dictionary for MRO solutions as per international standards such as NATO/NSN, UNSPSC etc.

High Available Cloud Base System

Integrated Cloud technology allow you to Cos-effectively and workloads seamlessly.

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