Strategic Procurement And Sourcing

For supply chain management leaders, strategic procurement software and sourcing optimization play a vital role in mitigating immediate risks and planning for now and future challenges.

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What is P-Procurement?

P-Proc, an electronic procurement application, streamlines the entire procurement process by offering features such as vendor management, e-bidding, e-quotation, and e-negotiation. Integrated with the Spares Cataloguing System (SCS), it serves as a product catalog, facilitating users in finding and comparing prices from different vendors. Notably, P-Proc's Vendor Management System enables users to easily monitor suppliers, including contact details, pricing, and delivery times, facilitating efficient order placement. The app further enhances procurement efficiency through its E-bidding system, allowing users to request bids from multiple vendors, and an E-quotation and E-negotiation system for direct negotiation of purchase terms. Overall, P-Proc is a powerful and user-friendly tool that simplifies procurement for small and medium-sized businesses.


  The Key Features

Vendor Management System

Keep track of suppliers and their products efficiently

E-Bidding System

Request bids from multiple vendors for products or services

E-Quotation and E-Negotiation System

Request quotes from vendors and negotiate purchase terms

Integration with SCS 

Access a comprehensive product catalog for easy comparison

  About SCS

Another Features


P-Proc is designed to be adaptable to the existing business processes of clients, enabling customization to meet specific needs and requirements. This flexibility ensures the app seamlessly integrates with the unique workflows of each business.

Integration to Existing Workflows

Businesses can customize P-Proc to fit smoothly into their current workflow and processes. This adaptability minimizes disruptions and downtime, allowing for uninterrupted and efficient business operations.

Addition or Removal of Features

The customizable nature of P-Proc enables businesses to add or remove features as necessary. This ensures the app always provides the required tools and functionality, allowing businesses to optimize their use of P-Proc and extract maximum value.

Powerful and User-Friendly

P-Proc is not only powerful but also user-friendly, making it an effective solution for procurement. Its combination of robust features and ease of use enhances its appeal as a comprehensive procurement tool.

Ideal for Small and Medium Business

P-Proc is particularly well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to streamline and enhance their procurement processes. The app's adaptability and user-friendly design make it an ideal solution for businesses of this scale.

Efficient Operation and Max Value

P-Proc's customizability ensures that businesses can tailor the app to their unique needs, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency. This adaptability allows businesses to maximize the value derived from P-Proc, making it a cost-effective solution for procurement processes.

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