Tips and Tricks for Identifying and Solving Common Problems in Supply Cataloging
In carrying out supply cataloging, sometimes common problems can arise and hinder system performance. However, by applying the tips and tricks that we have explained, You can deal with these problems effectively

Are you a cataloger who is facing problems in running a supply cataloging system? Don't worry, because this article will provide useful tips and tricks for identifying and overcoming common problems in supply cataloging. We understand that supply cataloging is a complex process and requires deep understanding. Therefore, we have put together a practical guide that will help you overcome the obstacles you may encounter in running your cataloging system. Let's start!

I. Identify Problems in Supply Cataloging

Before we discuss solutions, it is important to identify common problems that are often encountered in supply cataloging. By understanding the root of the problem, you will be able to take the right steps to solve it. The following are some common problems that often arise:

  1. Error in coding (Codification)
    An inaccurate coding process may result in an error in identifying the required item or part. This can interfere with operational efficiency and increase the risk of delivery errors.
  2. Lack of consistent classification
    Inconsistent classification can make it difficult to find and classify items. This can hinder accessibility and increase the time it takes to find the parts you need.
  3. Unstructured data
    Lack of standards in compiling supply cataloging data can result in unstructured data. This can hinder effective data use and analysis.
  4. Duplicate data
    The existence of duplicate data in a cataloging system can cause confusion and waste resources. Removing data duplication is a challenge in itself that must be overcome.
  5. Lack of quality data maintenance
    Data that is not updated or invalid can result in inaccurate information in the cataloging system. Maintenance of high-quality data is essential to maintain system integrity.

II. Solutions to Overcome Problems in Supply Cataloging

Having identified common problems in supply cataloging, it is time to find effective solutions. The following are tips and tricks that can help you overcome these problems:

  1. Implement an effective coding system
    Using a good coding system is an important first step. Consider using a codification system adopted from the NATO Codification System or the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) to ensure consistency and ease in identifying goods or parts.
  2. Apply consistent classification
    Establish clear classification guidelines and ensure all catalogers follow them. This will make it easier to find and group items.
  3. Use data quality standards (ISO 8000)
    Adopting ISO 8000 data quality standards will help ensure that the data in your cataloging system is high quality and reliable.
  4. Perform regular data cleaning
    Perform regular data cleaning processes to identify and remove duplicate data. This will help minimize confusion and increase the efficiency of the cataloging system.
  5. Update and validate data regularly
    Define a regular schedule for updating and validating data in the cataloging system. This will ensure that the information presented is the most accurate and relevant.
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III. Conclusion

In carrying out supply cataloging, sometimes common problems can arise and hinder system performance. However, by applying the tips and tricks that we have mentioned above, you can deal with these problems effectively. However, if you want a more integrated and efficient solution, we recommend using our best application, namely SCS (Spares Cataloging System) from Panemu.

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SCS is an application specially designed for supply cataloging. With complete features such as adoption of ISO 8000 for data quality, classification using the NATO Supply Classification, and codification with the NATO Codification System or the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC), SCS will help you compile data according to high standards. In addition, SCS is also equipped with data cleansing features, data duplication checkers, and data duplication deletion to ensure data cleanliness and accuracy. You can also customize SCS according to the system implemented in your company.

Panemu has a team of reliable catalogers who are ready to assist you in implementing and operating an accurate supply cataloging system. We have been trusted by many companies in Indonesia and we are committed to providing the best solutions in supply cataloging.

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