Gemini, The New Google AI Chatbot and The End of Bard
Google recently announced a major change in their artificial intelligence program by changing the name from Bard to Gemini.

Google recently announced a major change in their artificial intelligence program by changing the name from Bard to Gemini. More than just a name change, this move also marks the introduction of a new way for users to access artificial intelligence. Now, Android users can download a dedicated Gemini app, while iPhone users can access it through the iOS app.

CEO Google adalah

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google

Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained that this rebranding is a strategic move that builds on the huge investment Google has made over the years in the development of artificial intelligence. Pichai highlighted recent achievements, such as the search generative experience (SGE) accessible through Google Labs, which gives Google renewed optimism.

The role of artificial intelligence is increasingly important in two of Google's fast-growing businesses: Cloud and Workspace services, as well as the Google One subscription service that has attracted nearly more than 100 million subscribers. Pichai emphasized that last December, Google entered the Gemini era which marked a significant change in their efforts to provide greater benefits to users with artificial intelligence technology.

Apa itu Google Gemini

Gemini has evolved from just an artificial intelligence model to an ecosystem that supports the entirety of Google products, from products used by billions of people every day to APIs and platforms that help developers and businesses innovate. One example is Google's largest model, Ultra 1.0, which surpasses expert human performance in massive multi-tasking language understanding (MMLU), using a combination of 57 topics including math, physics, history, law, medicine, and ethics.

Pichai also emphasized that Google not only provides Gemini in their products, but also complements the Gemini Advanced version with Ultra, which offers a new and much better experience in terms of reasoning, following instructions, writing programming code, and creative collaboration. Users can get started by subscribing to the Google One AI Premium Plan, which offers the best features of Google's artificial intelligence in one place.

Gemini will be present in various everyday products used by people and businesses, including Workspace and Google Cloud. Google continues to expand their efforts in the field of artificial intelligence, with a commitment to providing this technology responsibly. Pichai added that Google has already started training the next iteration of the Gemini model, so users can look forward to more news from the company

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Google rebranding bard menjadi gemini