Is 360 Feedback suitable for companies in Indonesia?
This method has been used by various companies around the world, from various forms of business for a long time. And many companies have succeeded in improving the performance of their employees after implementing this method.

So far, we know that there are many ways or methods used to improve the performance of its employees. There are giving new challenges, rewards or evaluating. And this time, we will discuss about 360 degree feedback evaluation or feedback 360. Can this evaluation method be applied in Indonesia and can be a solution for companies in Indonesia to improving employee performance? All right, let's talk.

Let's remember

Before we talk about it, please remember that feedback 360 is a method used to evaluate employee performance by giving a questionnaire or survey of employees to be evaluated to colleagues, superiors, subordinates or customers.

This method has been used by various companies around the world, from various forms of business for a long time. And many companies have succeeded in improving the performance of their employees after implementing this method.

Some of the benefits of using Feedback 360:

360 Feedback

1. Provide more comprehensive feedback.

Because it collects feedback from multiple sources, the 360-degree evaluation method provides a more comprehensive picture of a person's abilities and performance.

2. Rich knowledge.

The 360 ​​degree evaluation method allows a person to get feedback from sources that may not have been seen before, so that he can broaden his horizons about his strengths and weaknesses.

3. Growing awareness and responsibility.

Since feedback comes from a variety of sources, the 360-degree evaluation method helps a person become more aware and responsible for their actions.

4. Assist in career development.

The feedback obtained from the 360 ​​degree evaluation method can help a person identify areas that need improvement and create an appropriate career development plan.

5. Creating a more open and honest environment.

The 360 ​​degree evaluation method facilitates open and honest communication between all parties, so as to create a more positive work environment.

Simply put, this method can produce data for a more precise evaluation, because the data is taken from a variety of comprehensive sources. However, on the other hand, there are things that need to be considered before implementing this method. There are several drawbacks to this method: 

Disadvantages of the 360 ​​evaluation method  :

1. High Cost.

The 360 ​​degree evaluation method can be expensive as it requires considerable time and resources to gather feedback from multiple sources.

2. Takes a long time.

The process of gathering feedback from multiple sources can be time-consuming, especially if the company is large with many employees.

3. Requires good communication skills.

For the 360 ​​degree evaluation method to work well, good communication skills are needed to convey feedback and understand the feedback received.

4. Worries about fairness.

Some people may feel unfair if the feedback they receive is not what they expected.

5. Bias risk.

Feedback provided by some sources may be influenced by personal biases or interests, which can give an inaccurate picture of a person's abilities and performance.

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So, before implementing this method, you first consider the advantages and disadvantages of this evaluation method. Apart from that there are several other things that need to be considered, bearing in mind that this method will be applied in Indonesia, where Indonesian people apply eastern culture. 

Then, Is Feedback 360 Appropriate for Companies in Indonesia? 

Evaluasi 360

As we know that eastern culture are very closely held by people in Indonesia. Indeed, from a societal point of view, this Eastern culture is very good to implement, but if it is implemented in a company it will potentially hinder the development of the company itself and will also make the evaluation results not get optimal results. Why? Let's talk. 

1. Discomfort

One of the characteristics of eastern culture is discomfort. This feeling will cause someone to give a dishonest assessment.

2. Fear Factor

The fear of expressing problems that occur to oneself, co-workers, superiors, subordinates and the company to people who are evaluating makes what is conveyed as if it is okay, even though in fact there are many things that should be used as evaluation material that require solutions.

3. Forgiveness Habit

Indonesian people are used to forgiving and understanding others. This will also produce biased answers, many things that should be repaired and resolved become covered up and appear to be fine.

4. Speaking Culture

As we all know that 360 feedback is done by filling out a questionnaire or survey, while Indonesians are a society that tends to prefer to speak directly. This habit makes it difficult for Indonesians to express something using writing.

Considering some of the things above, this 360 feedback method is actually not very suitable for the culture in Indonesia. Biased results and various other obstacles will actually make it difficult for the party conducting the evaluation to analyze and improve the employee's performance.

Therefore, you can use other methods, which are more suitable for the culture of Indonesian. There are many other methods you can use. 

Then, what is the solution so that I can evaluate employee performance in my company more easily and precisely?

To help you evaluate the performance of employees in your company in an easier and more precise way, you can use the software or applications that we have prepared to help HR to complete tasks including conducting work evaluations from employees.

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