What's New! Odoo 16 New Features

Odoo is something well known, an open source software which is designed for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Odoo has complete modules (16.000 modules). Odoo is trusted by thousands of companies in the world as a solution for their companies. 

Few moments ago Odoo released the newest software version, it is Odoo 16. According to the website, Odoo made some big changes on the newest version. So, what features does Odoo 16 have? Let’s check it out. 


Newest updates on Odoo 16

Knowledge Management

Odoo 16 Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is an app to change tools like Notion Word Processor to save the projects and progress more interactively. 

This app was part of the Odoo Community. But now, it is only available in Odoo Enterprise. This app helps the users easier to make and share the documents, workflow and the business progress.

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Code Cleanup and Performance

On the newest version, Odoo removed the unimportant codes and refractory the codes to get the best performance.

Responsive Design in Community

There are a lot of Odoo users complaining about the display design which is expired or outdated. Therefore, Odoo redesigned it on the 16th version more responsively 

Improved eCommerce

Huge improvement happened on the eCommerce app. Odoo 16 has good features and they work well without third party apps.   

  • Call for Price

  • Showing price only for logged-in users

  • Demand based pricing

  • Support a catalog shop

  • Contract pricing/approved products

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    In addition, you get some benefits from the newest version of Odoo   

  • Bulk upload of photos

  • Change the order of the photos after uploading

  • Faster eCommerce checkout

  • Comparison Price

  • UOM display

These features become the best choices so you don’t need other third party apps like Shopify.

Multi-currency Sales Report

Odoo 16 Multi-currency

Sales report in Odoo 16 concerns multi-currency and you can review the sales dynamically based on daily exchange rates. 

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Accounting Improvements 

  • New Mode of Accounting Firm
    This new mode changes the sequence of documents in documents level. This also introduces a new field “ Total. Pajak (inc.) “

  • Detect holes in Sequence
    Every journal has a new “Smart Alert”. You can browse the latest document easily before the hole. 
    Holes can be fixed easily with wizard “Resequencing”

  • Improvement in fixed assets
    You can easily cancel or add assets. If GL entries are locked, reverse entries will be created
    If GL entries are not locked, the entries will not be posted. The option to modify depreciation by selling assets is provided.

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  • Storno Accounting for Eastern Europe
    Storno accounting is a practice of using negative debit or credit to reverse the original journal account entries. Because usually the book keeper writes the Storno entries with red ink. This kind of accounting practice is also called Red Storno.

    You can cancel incorrect document amounts with Storno accounting, but you have to input the correct documents amount after canceling

  • Improvement on Procurement and Tenders
    Odoo 16 has better tender calling

  • Make and manage PO alternatives quickly

  • Compare arrival and cost by lines

  • Separate PO among vendors based on best options and best offers

  • Working Order in Company
    You can determine the order of commands which will be processed in Odoo 16. You can activate it for each BOM.

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  • Track the Delivery and Receipts Status
    On Odoo sales (Delivery Status) and purchase (receipts statuses) to improve your delivery tracking and purchase, new fields are added.

  • Online Rental Apps
    You now can activate online rental (useful for renting a car or something). You can decide which day is available to pick up or deliver. 

Those are features added and optimized in Odoo 16. We suggest you apply Odoo in your company now. Let us know what you need about your business digitalization and we will help you as soon as possible.


What's New! Odoo 16 New Features
Satria Wisnu Aji 18 November, 2022
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