Pampering Customer Day, National Customer Day 2022

Indonesian National Customer Day Overview

We should know the history of Indonesian National Customer Day first before talking about it further.

Main Idea

It came from an interesting idea which was delivered by a businessman from Solo named Handi Irawan to Megawati Soekarno Putri’s government in 2003. Coincidence to UU Nomor 8 Tahun 1999 determined and accepted by the society. 

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Become a "Pampering Day" for Customers

Before this idea was discovered, a lot of companies did not take care of their customers. The most important thing was profit. But after the day was officially determined on 4th September 2003, a lot of companies started to care about their customers. Even many CEO attended the ceremony on that day. On the first customers day, 200 directors from 500 companies gathered to celebrate it for the first time.

The Customer 's Day Purpose

The customers day is officially determined to encourage companies in serving and satisfying customers. This customer's day brings hope to increase the economic level in Indonesia and from a customer's point of view, they can be satisfied with the best product and best services. 

Pentingnya Manajemen Inventori Bagi Perusahaan

Special Logo

The Customers day has a special logo for itself. The logo represents the smiles of customers with its shape as a human's smile. Green color on the logo represents hospitality, friendly between company and customer. In addition, it represents coolness and fertility for the Indonesian economy. 

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Full of Discount and Promotion Events

On this customer’s day many businessmen always try to give the best service for their customers such as big discounts. It has purpose of increasing the customer’s buying power and leads to Indonesian  economic development. We can see it through the money movement.

National Customer's Day 2022

On this national customer’s day, we have “Senyum Pelanggan, Senyumku juga” or customer’s smile is also my smile which means customer must be satisfied with any services and high quality products. Therefore, customer’s satisfaction is the company's main key. 

Pampering Customer Day, National Customer Day 2022
Satria Wisnu Aji 28 October, 2022
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