Managing a Data Cleansing Process for Material or Service Master Data - Part 1
Master Data Management

Data cleansing is a process improving the names and descriptions of the item. Data cleansing costs money and the most common justification for data cleansing is cost avoidance or reduction through part standardization or supplier rationalization.

Imagine that now you are evaluating a data cleansing project proposal using in house resources, or you are about contracting out the project to IT Company that provide Cataloguing Services such as Panemu. You may also evaluating a range of the software that are designed to make project easier.

In fact, data cleansing or cataloguing looks so simple, surely anyone can do it. Data cleansing is like any other process and while it can accomplished on a very small scale by anyone, but still takes a process and skill.

Lets take analogy about cooking, cooking for family, cooking for hundreds guest, building and managing food manufacturing consistently and efficiently. The more item you need, more skill and efficient process will needed. As with most processes, specialization and industrialization allowed companies to develop the tools to increase the speed and of course reduce the cost of data cleansing. 

Data cleansing, as its name is a process transformation of taking one set of names and descriptions and creating another set names and descriptions. The first step of cleansing process is enriching the riginal name and descriptions to create structured master data record to be used to build e new name and descriptions of the item.

The process of building the structured master data record is called Cataloguing, and the process to transform a structured master data record into description is called rendering.

When the process we know today as data cleansing was originally being developed, developers like Panemu would perform the transformation from the original item name to the new item name, and also providing their customers with copies of the cataloguing templates, the structured master data and rules applied to creating new item name. Its all build in to one cataloguing system that provided to you,  to be the great tools for you to managing your material and service master data management.

Source: ECCMA


The journey of data cleansing is begin with cataloguing to bulid better description of your items. This is the process of describbing the item, identifies the discrete characteristic of something in the form of property-value.

Many items can may be described using the same properties with different values. Example you can describe item with properties of name, manufacturer; the properties remain the same only the values change. A group of items that can be described using the same properties is called a Class. A class name is typically will be used in naming the item and it will also be used in its descriptions.

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Managing a Data Cleansing Process for Material or Service Master Data - Part 1
Panemu Solusi Industri, Ignatius Prasetyadi 4 December, 2022
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